A Cure, Small Box 1 (2022)
Paris Brosnan | Small Box (2022) | Mixed media on cardboard | Dimensions: Small box (approximately 7") Paris Brosnan began painting as a child in h...


Paris Brosnan | 
Small Box (2022) | 
Mixed media on cardboard | 
Dimensions: Small box (approximately 7")

Paris Brosnan began painting as a child in his native home of Los Angeles. During the pandemic, painting became a therapeutic release for him. In 2021 Paris started sharing his artwork publicly, garnering the attention of gallerists, collectors, and respected artists. In December of 2021, Paris exhibited his paintings at Art Basel Miami. Paris paints with a free-flowing style which draws from neo-expressionism. He makes use of vibrant pastel colors and gravitates towards mixed media, spray paint, markers, and resin. Paris categorizes his work as “un-foundational” as he believes there are no rules to making a painting. “My work is an exploration of the human experience through the lens of non-representational expressionism. I use vivid color and mixed media techniques to create dynamic art that challenges the viewer to engage with the work on a visceral level. I strive to create a sense of movement and energy in my compositions. My goal is also to evoke a sense of emotion and provoke thought in the viewer, encouraging them to look beyond the surface of the work and to find their own personal meaning within it. My paintings are an exploration of the human condition through a childlike lens. Using non-representational expressionism, I depict characters that evoke a sense of innocence and wonder. The simplicity and emotion in my work is a reminder of the purity of the human experience and the beauty of life's simple moments. My goal is to create a sense of connection and familiarity for the viewer, encouraging them to see the world through a kaleidoscopic perspective.”

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